Warazaiku straw ornaments

Made by coiling the straw between the palms of the craftspeople’s hands, prayers for good fortune are interwoven into the amulet.

Dynamic Wall Pieces

The dynamic collection of handcrafted by Kiyoe Masao, a master of Shibori and Dye who has carved out his own path.



The artisan employs a 12th-century technique of Bizen pottery, known for firing without any glaze. While using the same clay soil in all his pieces, the various textures and colors appear based on where they sit in the kiln.


Incorporate Wabi-sabi into your home with this breathtaking vase collection by one of the most talented potters in Japan

Shuji Nakagawa

Nakagawa is paving the way for craftsmen all across the world, displaying the beauty of evolving tradition by incorporating design into his work like no other.