We stand for lasting quality
If for some reason your Piece of Japan breaks we will have it fixed by our restoration artisan and send it back to you
We honor the beauty of impermanence
We believe in lasting quality and wabi-sabi, the beauty of the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. All of our pieces are handmade by master artisans with natural material and we pride ourselves in its quality but impermanence is part of nature. If your piece shows imperfections in need of repair we hope you consider our repair service instead of Instead of buying something new.
DIY Repair

While you can always consult us for repair, maybe you would like to become a student of Kintsugi, the art of restoration.

Kintsugi Kit
We have worked with a multi-generation urushi lacquer artisan and a master restorer of historical artifacts to bring you our original Kintsugi Kit accompanied with a free masterclass to teach you the most authentic way of Kintsugi that will breathe life back into your item and make it last for decades.

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Professional repair

Our products are made to last for decades. The use of our pieces adds value to them and therefore we want every piece of Japan to be repairable. Many of our artisans offer repairs themselves and we also work with a master restorer who has been traveling for 40 years all across Japan to restore historical artifacts.

Here is how to approach a repair:

Send us a photo of what you would like to repair so our staff can identify the type of repair needed.
We will estimate the cost of repair with a discount.
Mail your repair to us.