POJ Studio’s two-month intensive program. Study to practice and share the craft of kintsugi-repair with the world, through our 150-hour apprenticeship in Kyoto. 

As a graduate, you will become an educator, leader, ambassador, and mentor, fostering kintsugi practice in your community. The Kintsugi Apprentice Program ensures that you are armed with the logic, philosophy, traditional tools, natural materials, and historical and cultural context that are at the heart of the authentic Japanese tableware restoration technique.


The Kintsugi Apprentice Program is a 150-hour apprenticeship that takes place over two months in Kyoto.

Upcoming Terms*:

  • Summer 2024 (Jun 30 - Aug 25)
  • Autumn 2024 (Sep 28 - Nov 23)
  • Winter 2025 (Jan 5 - Mar 2)
  • Spring 2025 (Mar 30 - May 25)

*Dates are subject to change.

program details

Apply via the link below if the program interests you!


The program is suited for those who are interested in:

  • sustainable and regenerative traditional Japanese crafts,
  • heritage repair and restoration practices,
  • studying Japanese food and drink culture, and relevant ettiquette,
  • urushi lacquerware technique and history,
  • urushi trees and how their presence reflects the Japanese socio-political and environmental landscape,
  • Japanese philosophy and aesthetic sensibilities behind kintsugi,
  • learning about Japanese tableware: ceramics, porcelaain, glassware, wood, and lacquerware,
  • incorporating kintsugi into their practice,
  • teaching kintsugi in their home country.

what does it include?

150 hours of kintsugi education with thorough practical kintsugi-repair training, specifically around the repair of ceramic and porcelain pieces

Field trips to visit key people and places behind kintsugi-repair to properly study:

  • tableware
  • tool making
  • natural materials
  • environmental impact
  • food culture

Two months accommodations. Fully furnished private studio apartments inclusive of workspace, kitchenette, toilet, bath/shower, washing machine. Utilities and internet are also included. Conveniently located approx. 10 mins by bicycle to POJ Studio.

Alumni online community with continuing education.

What is the application process?

The application process will proceed as the following:

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. We will contact you to schedule a video interview.
  3. We will assess your full application and interview internally.
  4. Welcome you to Kyoto to begin your apprenticeship!


Hear directly from the alumni of the past terms about their experience with us.

What is the enrollment fee?


  • 12,000 USD early application by 2024 Jun 1
  • 13,500 USD standard application by 2024 Jun 1


  • 12,000 USD early application by 2024 Jun 1
  • 13,500 USD standard application by 2024 Jul 1


  • 12,000 USD early application by 2024 Sep 1
  • 13,500 USD standard application by 2024 Oct 1


  • 12,000 USD early application by 2024 Dec 1
  • 13,500 USD standard application by 2025 Jan 1


To become a Kintsugi Apprentice, click below to complete the form. We will review your application and get back to you as we possible.


Stay in our fully furnished private studio, inclusive of workspace, kitchenette, toilet, bath/shower, washing machine, utilities and internet.


When is the payment due?

Payment is due in full within 14 days of acceptance into the Kintsugi Apprentice Program.

Which payment types do you accept for the enrollment fee?

We request enrollment fees to be paid via direct bank transfer.

What is the cancellation policy?

Once payment is made, cancellations are possible until one month prior to the start of the term, however a cancellation fee of 4000 USD will be incurred. Thereafter, the enrollment fee is fully non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Should there be any global pandemic-related border restrictions to Japan, or lock-downs, we will be in touch to suggest date changes, or 100% of the enrollment fee will be refunded less transfer fees. 

Is it possible to organize one’s own accommodation? 

You can also organize your own accommodation. However, we are unable to provide a discount on the enrollment fee.

Are the classes and experiences of the Kintsugi Apprentice Program conducted in Japanese or English?

All classes and experiences are conducted in English. 

Is there a scholarship available?

While very competitive, we do consider enrollment at a subsidized rate in some cases. Please contact education@pojstudio.com to share why you are interested in the Kintsugi Apprentice Program, why a subsidized enrollment rate would make a difference for you, and we will respond with further information should your profile be a match.

Are partners able to be accommodated? Are there additional costs?

The apartments we provide are studio apartments for one person, but can be shared if your partner would like to stay at the same apartment for an additional USD 400 per month.

How long does the application process take?

Once the application period has ended, the application process takes about one month.

Is this program available for just one month?

We do not offer this program for one month due to the nature of the repair and curing process. Details on this and more can be found here.

Are there free days during the program to travel around Japan?

Free time is built in to the program schedule to advocate day trips and quick overnight trips to further explore Japan and Japanese culture.

Am I allergic to urushi?

Urushi, the sap of the urushi tree, is the base material of authentic kintsugi-repair using all natural ingredients. It is what makes this tableware restoration technique antipest, antiviral, antibacterial, and so durable. Not to mention, 100% food safe.

The urushi tree is the cousin of mango, cashew, and poison ivy. As a result, some people fear working with urushi. Like poison ivy, it does indeed contain a compound called urushiol that can cause minor skin irritation to a more severe allergic reaction, depending on the individual. 

Learn more about urushi here.

Do you accept enrollment fees to be paid in installments?

This is case by case but certainly can be discussed. Whether a single payment or installments, in most cases, full payment must by made at least one month before the term begins.