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Kintsugi technique being applied to a plate
Study Japanese crafts with our master classes

Study authentic Japanese artisans techniques from the comfort of your home with our DIY Waza Kits.

We collaborate with the best in their field to bring you the best of Japanese craftsmanship. We offer free online master classes to start with and for those interested to dive deeper we will be offering advanced classes soon.

A variety of Warazaiku next to each other
Interwoven With Well Wishes

Warazaiku, a craft made of straw, was first mentioned in the genesis story of Japan compiled in 712. Tightly intertwined with agriculture and the Shinto religion, it was traditionally crafted by farmers with the byproduct of rice harvest. Made by coiling the straw between the palms of the craftspeople’s hands, prayers for good fortune are interwoven into the amulet.

Cooling Hues of Indigo

The linen wall pieces handcrafted by Kiyoe Masao have quickly become bestsellers. He specializes in dyeing with natural materials, one of them being indigo dye which was used to create this piece. The shades of blue are achieved by several rounds of dyeing, while the dynamic pattern is created with the traditional shibori, or Japanese tie dye, technique.

POJ Studio offers contemporary lifestyle products that are sustainable and made to last, in an effort to encourage the revival of dying Japanese craft traditions
Design Anthology
This crafty restoration kit is a DIY introduction for newcomers, offering a compelling alternative to throwaway culture.
POJ Studio works with Japan’s independent craftspeople, creating an online platform to bridge the gap between artisans and consumers with a yearning for the handcrafted homeware they produce.
Our approach to sustainability

The Japanese way of keeping in harmony with the seasons and the local environment will always be at our core. That’s why Pieces of Japan is committed to prioritizing the sustainability of craftsmen and the natural resources that support them.

We believe that in sharing beautiful, durable, handmade products that last for generations, we can take steps away from our current throwaway culture to create meaningful connections with the things we own.