Pieces of Japan reimagined for the modern home with a mission to revitalize tradition.

“This deeply intentional compound reflects Koyama and Tsukamoto's dedication to promoting and supporting traditional artisans and heritage crafts through an updated lens."

“Our vision for this project is to bring the essence of ancient Kyoto into the modern world, through an intimate journey of food, crafts and stays.”

“Contemporary lifestyle products that are sustainable and made to last, in an effort to encourage the revival of dying Japanese craft traditions.”



Masao Kiyoe, Maker of Indigo Wall Pieces

The construction worker turned first-generation craftsman started his career from scratch, from learning how to harvest indigo to bringing his dynamic designs to life. Learn about his journey of becoming a craftsman in this interview.


Takuya Tsutsumi, 4th-generation Urushi Refiner

Through his passions for surfing, skateboarding, and the outdoors, Takuya Tsutsumi, spearheads a movement to revitalize the urushi industry in Japan. Learn about the state of the industry and his thoughts on the connection between nature, crafts, and culture.