Craftsperson making a bamboo tea whisk
Photo by Yuya Hoshino
Our Mission

We see the beauty in high-quality products that tell a story, a story about you, the craftsmen who made it, and the Japanese way of life. In bridging Japan’s artisans with the world, we hope to share the essence of simple luxury and help keep generations of tradition alive.

With an ecosystem that cycles around raising awareness through the stories we tell, tying demands for real Japanese crafts to the craftsmen who make them, and investing in the next generation, we’ve created a sustainable way for craftsmen to continue their work.

Delivering on our core values of being ethical, functional, lasting and sustainable, POJ Studio is a story of connection, of time, and paring down to the importance of personal touch.

Trees with red and orange leaves
Photo by Yuya Hoshino
Our approach to sustainability

The Japanese way of keeping in harmony with the seasons and the local environment will always be at our core. That’s why Pieces of Japan is committed to prioritizing the sustainability of craftsmen and the natural resources that support them.

We believe that in sharing beautiful, durable, handmade products that last for generations, we can take steps away from our current throwaway culture to create meaningful connections with the things we own.

Evergreen trees

In addition to weaning away from mass production, all of our products are packaged in recycled and reusable wood, paper and cloth material. Our repair services by professional craftsmen and active engagement in initiatives to sustainably grow raw materials for these crafts are just some of the ways we work to make a difference.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, and Respect.

With your help, we can take steps to redefine consumer culture for the better.

Get in touch

If you feel a connection to what we do, who we are, want to collaborate or simply want to say hi, please reach out to us.

The Founders

Designers by trade with roots in Japan, the co-founders aim to become a bridge between worlds: Japan and the west, digital and analogue, traditional and modern living.

Tina Koyama
Co-Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Switzerland, Tina’s Japanese mother taught her a deep appreciation for the culture through all facets of life. Having an architect as a father and her mother, a crafts woman at heart, she was exposed to design from early on. Tina started building digital things since 12 years old and found a way to combine her passion for tech and design pursuing a career as a product designer in Tech.

Tina has since worked in Tokyo and Silicon Valley accumulating over a decade of experience in building products focused on customer needs. Building digital products in a fast paced Silicon Valley made her long for lasting quality, haptic experiences and a ways to give back. When her mother took her to meet artisans across Japan she learned that many of the artisans struggled to survive. These encounters became the reason to start POJ Studio.

Hana Tsukamoto
Co-Founder & COO

Always curious and hungry for a new experience, Hana left Japan for California on her own at the age of twelve. Her mother, being a world traveler and an entrepreneur had always encouraged her to pursue anything that piqued her curiosity. Since an early age, Hana was surrounded by art and music, drawing and crafting wherever she could, developing her early interest in design. This eventually led her to enroll into School of Visual Arts in New York, where she built her career as an Art Director for a decade before moving back to Japan.

Hana has since founded her vacation home business in Kyoto in 2018, diving deeper into Japanese culture, traditions, and crafts that will eventually lead to co-founding POJ Studio. Seeing first-hand the problems craftsmen in Japan face, Hana hopes to make a difference in a place she now calls home again.