kintsugi, the golden repair

Learn the authentic Japanese art of repair directly from a master artisan and breathe life back into your broken pieces

Japanese Calligraphy

Immerse yourself in the world of calligraphy pervaded with Japanese aromas

the art of incense making

Learn the authentic Japanese Art of Incense making. Pick your fragrance and make up to 20 cones in less than 30 min.

Kumiko wooden latticework

Kumiko is a 1400-year-old craft, whereby small pieces of wood are assembled together without the use of nails or glue to make a delicate geometric pattern.

Urushi Lacquer

Upgrade and protect untreated wood with this approachable and all natural Japanese lacquer technique.

indigo shibori dyeing

Learn the Japanese Art of Shibori (Tie Dye) with authentic Indigo.