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POJ (Pieces of Japan) Studio is an online platform built to bridge the gap between Japanese artisans and those consumers with a yearning for the hand-crafted homewares they produce.

POJ Studio collaborates closely with craftspeople throughout Japan, creating an online collection of beautifully-designed lifestyle goods, offered alongside the stories of their creators.

Sorry, no openings currently.

About POJ Studio:

Pieces of Japan, reimagined for the modern home.

POJ Studio is a lifestyle brand, designed to engage a global audience around home furnishings made using true traditional Japanese craftwork. We are not just a seller of our pieces but also designers, producers, storytellers and educators. Centuries-old craft techniques bring cultural richness to our homes, yet simply fewer and fewer people have been investing in these authentic pieces. With depreciating demand, we are barely able to nurture the next generation of craftspeople. We are literally on the brink of now or never. However, in recent years, our collective action is evolving. We now understand more than ever, just how much value there is to those pieces that make our house a home. And we are reminded of the quiet beauty and high functionality of traditional Japanese craftwork that are meant to be everyday heirlooms. Our long-term vision is for pieces of Japan to be an obvious part of everyone’s home collection, no matter where you are in the world.