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POJ (Pieces of Japan) Studio is an online platform built to bridge the gap between Japanese artisans and those consumers with a yearning for the hand-crafted homewares they produce.

POJ Studio collaborates closely with craftspeople throughout Japan, creating an online collection of beautifully-designed lifestyle goods, offered alongside the stories of their creators.

Sorry, no openings currently.

About POJ Studio:

POJ Studio fosters a socially-responsible attitude towards the way we live by providing modern lifestyle products that last, are repairable and are created from sustainable materials in a way that encourages the revival of dying Japanese craft traditions.

We do this by building an ecosystem that offers the craftspeople with whom we work a point of sale for their goods, whilst celebrating stories of their heritage and sustainability in the form of videos, interviews and photo essays that help to highlight the true dedication and skill of each artisan. This not only offers the consumer a deeper connection to POJ Studio products, but also an explanation into the quality and history that goes into creating each item that they carefully curate and produce.