Master Classes
Study authentic Japanese artisans techniques with masters of their crafts and our online lessons and DIY Kits.
Kintsugi, the golden art of repair
#1 Bestseller
An intro to Kintsugi repair
We have collaborated with master restorers to bring you the Kintsugi technique in its most authentic form. Many videos circulating on the internet show a non traditional version of it often resulting in repairs that do not last. Learn the truth about Kintsugi and breathe life back into your broken pieces.
Incense mold, mortar, pestle
New Arrival
Make your own Incense
This Incense Kit will bring you a trace of Japanese aromas - fragrances of Daphne, Sakura, and Yuzu citrus. Experience not just the scent but the act of incense making. The Kit includes everything to make up to 20 cone shaped incense with one of the scents mentioned above in less than 30 min.
Fill in missing fragments with Kintsugi
New Arrival
The Kintsugi advanced class
For those that have mastered our first two classes this advanced class teaches how to in missing fragments. Dive deeper into the golden art of repair with this class paired with our Advanced Kintsugi Kit.
hands showing how the kumiko making
The Art of Wooden Latticework
Kumiko is a 1400-year-old craft, whereby small pieces of wood are assembled together without the use of nails or glue to make a delicate geometric pattern. The pieces are held together solely with pressure and as a result of calculated and meticulous woodwork.
Chopsticks coated with black matte Urushi lacquer
Master Class
Add value to any wooden piece
Urushi has been around for centuries in Japanese culture and had now become an endangered art due to the surge of plastic in the world. This Fukiurushi Kit enables you to add a beautiful coating to any wooden product. Hardened urushi lacquer forms a protective waterproof coating that repels mold and mildew, and also prevents rotting and weathering.
A chochin paper lantern on a stool
Make your own paper lantern
Learn the authentic Japanese art of lantern making in less than 1h. We've collaborated with Kyo-Chochin Minori, a 6th generation family business specializing in the making of Kyoto style lanterns. When Kyo-Chochin Minori was established lanterns were still used as “lights,” and Chochin shops were equivalent to our electronic stores. Today there are only two businesses left in Kyoto.
A dyed azuma bag hanging
Master Class
Shibori tie dye and indigo
We have collaborated with Takeda Kahei, a family that has represented the Shibori industry for over 400 years to bring you a master class for indigo dyeing as well as six shibori techniques that you can easily learn and apply with our Shibori Kit.