A one-of-a-kind premium Matcha Set that is very special to us. Each year, we will release a limited number, of which no two are the same.
Uji Matcha Set
Uji Matcha Set
At the center of the set is 16th generation potter Hosai Matsubayashi’s tea cup (茶 碗). The name of the set is derived from the Uji region in Kyoto which acts as the home and source of inspiration for the potter. The set also includes a bamboo whisk, a spoon, a tea caddy from Kaikado with sleek, sharper form that is rarely found anywhere else and an intricate wooden box made of rare wood sourced from the root of the Paulownia tree.
Kintsugi Kit
Zaoh Matcha Set
At the center of the Zaoh set, Hosai Matsubayashi mixed Uji soil with that of Zaoh, a unique soil found in Sendai that has been a source of inspiration for Isamu Noguchi’s sculptures. The set also includes a whisk made of dark bamboo, a unique tea caddy from Kaikado coated in black Urushi and an intricate wooden box made of rare wood sourced from the root of the Paulownia tree.
16th generation potter, Hosai Matsubayashi
Carrying on the legacy of 16 generations of potters, Hosai Matsubayashi is the human embodiment of the evolution of tea culture in Japan. Known by many for creating work that retains the style rooted in traditions, he simultaneously integrates a more contemporary aspect drawing inspiration from the flow of the Uji River and the philosophy of “Kireisabi” .
Dedication since 1875, the Kaikado tea caddy

Kaikado is a brand specializing in handcrafted tea canisters since 1875 following the Meiji Restoration. With more than 130 steps in the process to make each caddy by hand, Kaikado’s products are a quintessential example of Japan’s emphasis on creating beautiful, long lasting products. Each product is made with the intention of life long use, as the color and patina of the canisters change over time. Like fine wine, the graceful aging with ownership another way this piece can be enjoyed.

The sleek tin chazutsu caddy has been used for centuries to protect dry tea leaves from moisture and humidity and is an emblem for functional beauty in this tea set.

For this set we've collaborated with 6th generation successor Takahiro Yagi. The tea caddy is a limited edition that was specially crafted to complement Hosai Matsubayashi’s centerpiece. With a sleek, sharper form it is perfectly sized to hold Matcha or Hojicha powder. The Uji set it comes with a more classic golden brass finish while the Zaoh set caddy is coated in a unique black Urushi lacquer coating.

A worthy representation of Sashimono woodcraft

The wooden box that holds the set and spoon are made by Tomoya Hyodo. With this design he struck the perfect balance between the traditional and modern while utilizing the root of the tree to ensure lasting quality, despite it being the most challenging and scarcest part of the tree to work with.

Hyodo is a Sashimono craftsman, specializing in joinery as well as cabinet work in Japan. Born in Kyoto, he started off his career as an artisan of indigo dyes before switching into woodwork. Currently based in Keihoku from his own workshop, he continues to hone into the craft of tea ceremony utensils.

Forest of evergreen trees
Photo by Yuya Hoshino
Our approach to sustainability

The Japanese way of keeping in harmony with the seasons and the local environment will always be at our core. That’s why Pieces of Japan is committed to prioritizing the sustainability of craftsmen and the natural resources that support them.

We believe that in sharing beautiful, durable, handmade products that last for generations, we can take steps away from our current throwaway culture to create meaningful connections with the things we own.